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Our giant paper flower self-assembly kits offer a totally new choice between expensive ready-made flowers and time consuming hand-made. From Giant Paper Flower Walls to Table and Venue Decorations you can create a stunning, professional and harmonious look for any event and for any budget.

We are 100% flexible in what we can create. If you want giant paper flowers to match your wallpaper - we can do it. If you are looking for multiple colours - we can do it. If you'd like a custom product - just ask!

For Remembrance Day we have launched what else but Giant Paper Poppies with 10% of all profits going to the Poppy Appeal.

My Bio

We are Yvonne and Caroline, founders of Pretty Big Flowers.

We’ve been friends for going on 7 years and this recent venture truly was one friend having a great idea and the other saying “Let’s do it!”

Yvonne was executive coach and professional speaker for almost 30 years and has helped numerous entrepreneurs create and launch businesses and had a few of her own in that time too. Caroline on the other hand has been running her own successful internet based business with her husband Phil since 1999. Part of that business was importing, marketing and selling ready-made giant paper flowers for special events like weddings, proms and photo shoots all over the world. Because of their popularity she began looking into alternatives to ready-made. There seemed to be only one – handmade.

Thus she found a gap for high quality, precision cut and most importantly easy to use, self-assembly giant paper flower kits (and came up with our fabulous name.)

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