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A brand new approach! Ensuring you are work-legal, with savings in fuel, insurance and working hours.

At Priority Driver Training we believe driver training should not just be a matter of compliance: it should also deliver improved profits for your business.

As standard, we provide a full set of compliance checks, driving efficiency measurement, and reputation building on road behaviours. Typically, drivers will save more than 15% on post-training fuel bills.
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Step away from memories of driving lessons or long classroom sessions, this is a calm, logical approach that views each driver as unique. We combine practical and theory while out on the road, teaching you what you need to know at a level that works perfectly for you. Then we work with you to set up a correct paper trail and ensure ongoing best practice. Whether you are a sole trader driving to visit clients or MD of a national fleet the difference to your personal and company safety plus savings is exceptional

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Keep up to date, when you upgrade, cars, van, trucks, or any work-place machinery, make sure your staff are trained to use them.

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