My Buzz

Once that re-tweet came through on Monday evening, i don't think we have ever experienced so many notifications from Twitter. The response was unreal! We are still thanking people now for their re-tweets and kind words. All in all its a great and invaluable experience for any business.

My Bio

Our company was formed in 2011 from both directors being a part of the maintenance industry as tradesmen. Having offered such a good service and not to mention a very personable one, we decided the natural progression was to try and scale the model we had been currently using (Which honestly was a natural approach for us).

We started the company off very slowly and started to build a great client base with the very same model of sticking with the personable and friendly approach, if a client rings our office chances are they will talk to one of the directors who are involved in the day to day running, this allows us to make the best informed decisions for our company every step of the way.

Our growth has seen our turnover double within two years and we anticipate this sustained growth over the coming years whilst ensuring we don't lose sight of our USP.

My Business Tips

Focus strongly on customer services, on a daily basis we encounter companies that have done so well getting to a good place. However, they then employ someone to take the calls who in a nutshell 'doesn't care' this for us is a real bug bare.

Don't let all your handwork and determination be thrown away by losing that personal touch.

Stay strong and keep plugging away at your goal, it's there you just need to work for it!

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