My Buzz

Rapid Accommodation is focused on building relationships; with our clients, our Accommodation Providers, Suppliers and Partners. We believe that this is one of our main USPs. We are a company filled with personality and aim to give a professional accommodation finding service with a fun twist!

We offer a fast and personal accommodation finding service for businesses all over the UK. " Sourcing your Business Stay Across the UK" We go the extra mile when it comes to customer service and really listen to what our customers want.

There are lots of benefits from working with Rapid, like a free credit facility, 24/ 7 support, so when your travellers are on the road and it's time for you to go home you can rest assured that we're always around, discounted rates on your accommodation, We even check traffic and road works on the accommodation we have selected for you to make sure there are no nasty surprises once your traveler gets on the road.

My Bio

Rapid Accommodation launched in May 2012 by myself (Rebecca), Karl and Linda who initially met at a networking event.
We could see there was a gap in the market for a personalised accommodation finding service for companies and wanted to offer something nobody else did! Linda with her construction and sales background, Karl with a Hospitality history and Rebecca working as a letting agent for over 8 years gave the platform we needed to Launch Rapid Accommodation.

Since we launched Rapid in 2012 we have never looked back. Our hard work and persistence are finally paying off which is evident from are amazing customer testimonials, happy employees and doubling our turnover year after year.

My Business Tips

Build relationships; people buy people.

Listen to what your customer wants and tailor that service as much as your company will allow you to.

Be happy and have fun- It's contagious!

Have goals and targets- if you don't have these how will you know if you are successful.

Treat your employees with respect, motivate and reward them.

Be passionate about your business.

Be innovative- move with the times and adapt your business

Don't over promise and believe in what you say.

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