My Buzz

Since becomming an #SBS it has created it's own unique group of small businesses in the same position as you, each giving their own tips and advice and making you feel you are not alone. Being an #SBS winner has also been a great marketing tool, especially with Mr Paphitis's name behind it!

My Bio

RawXclusive was set up by Award Winning artist Rebecca Winter to showcase and sell her artist prints and bespoke home accessories. Rebecca hand sketches every design and then carefully transfers it to sumptuous wool and crisp linen using both digital and hand pulled screen printed techniques.

Her series of handpulled artist prints are all individually signed and are the centre of her collection. Beautifully handcrafted items all made in the UK and produced with care and love by an artist who can turn the most simple motif into an art statement.

My Business Tips

. Be organised
. Be patient
. Never give up, you just don't know what is around the corner
. Reseach your market
. Have a plan
. Always make notes - you will forget!

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