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We provide a unique chance to have your loved one professionally recorded, turning their life story into an audio documentary. Mixed with music and sound effects, it is a real piece of art and ensures you never lose the sounds of their voice. No only will you find out things you never knew, you can pass on stories to future generations. Second hand stories, photos and letters are great, but what what nothing compares to their voice. We have taken the world of professional recording, interviewing from the world of radio, into your front room. Tell you your story, the way you want it to be told. You can even record messages for certain days. A decade after your death, your children can hear a never before heard message.

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Founded by radio professional Dave Creasey in 2018, recordthem takes professionals from the productions suites of the BBC and commercial radio stations to your living room. Working within the UK's top stations, Dave was struck with the amount of people who said they have no recordings of their parents at all. "What i'd give you hear my Mum's voice again" was a sentence he'd hear over and over again. Why are documentaries reserved for famous people? Why do we only invite celebrities to recording studios and ask them questions? In the industry we make such beautiful audio, mixed with music, sound effects and archive. What if we took those skills and brought them to the British public? We come to your house and record your loved ones life story. It is then mixed into an audio documentary, ensuring you never lose the sound of their voice. When someone asks what your Dad was like, let him tell them! Missing the sound of his voice, put on your headphones and hear him anytime you like. We even record messages for years to come, so you can hear a never before heard message on your wedding day, Christmas day 2026 or even the birth of your child. Keep them alive, forever.

My Business Tips

If you don't love it, don't do it. Find something you can talk about for hours and never get bored. Find a passion that makes you well up inside when you think about it and only then, turn that passion into a product.

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