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We just love it when something 'clicks' for our clients - Adobe software isn't that intuitive, so when they're able to do something they've been trying and failing at and then they can - such a good feeling as they get so excited. It's like taking a burden off their shoulders!

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We are Ally and Tim who decided to work together as well as being married ... and we love it!

All of our courses are bespoke and tailored specifically for what you need. We train 'normal' people such as marketing departments who have no previous experience, as well as photographers, designers, illustrators etc. Using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign you can learn to create professional looking marketing media from web banners and presentations to full brochures.

Not everyone needs to create their own materials, but it can save an incredible amount of time (and money) if you are, for example, able to change details in marketing documents without having to send them back to an in-house or external designer.

We offer hands-on, instructor-led training courses run at your office (or home) and tailored to your exact needs. You will be encouraged to work on existing and previous campaign documents so all the training is very relevant. All of our courses are delivered by Adobe Certified Instructors.

Tim is an Adobe Training guru, having started with Photoshop many years ago, then added other packages to his kit. Over the years he has trained a range of companies including BBC, Disney, Aardman, Sky, Nissan, Ford, British Airways, Virgin, Barclays, KPMG, NHS, the Times and Adobe amongst many others. As well as training our clients, he also lectures honours degree students at the local university. His background was commercial photography in South Africa, then the Met Police as a forensic photographer once he moved to the UK.

Ally is an admin extraordinaire who has a weird love of Excel as well as photography. Her background is wedding and portrait photography as well as admin. She is generally your first point of contact. She also set up a small side business training office software. Ally loves people and her favourite photographic subject, apart from landscapes, is ... people.

We both love to travel, and set up Image Explorers, where we combine their loves of photography and travel.

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