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Instant exposure. Not only getting our name out there but the opportunity to network with past winners and connect with future potential winners.

My Bio

As strange as it may sound sportswear is my passion! I remember my first football kit, the long sleeve cricket shirt that had to have the sleeves rolled down and the collar up. looking back if I spent as much time on my ability as I did on my appearance I may have been pretty good.

After a number of years in the sports trade in South Africa I relocated with my family to the UK and started Redbear Sports.

Redbear offers a fresh perspective on sportswear – combining innovative designs
and high-quality performance fabrics – resulting in quirky and original
sports gear that doesn’t compromise on comfort or practicality.

My Business Tips

You don't have to have all the skills but you need to know which you do have and the ones you don't!

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