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Remie Margot is a quarterly subscription box for amazing women aged 50 years & over, carefully curated by women aged 50 years and over. Beautiful lifestyle items for all types of women with all types of loves, likes & lifestyles.

Boxes each contain a selection of hand-picked items, thoughtfully curated. A selection of tasteful jewellery, accessories, home-ware, beauty, stationery, goodies and more from online and high street brands, lovely Independent ventures, new and established businesses, even from our own collection.

​Our subscribers will receive at least 5 full-sized gifts, usually more.

Items include a selection of jewellery, accessories, beauty, home-ware, stationery and more.

​​The value of our boxes will always exceed the cost to our subscribers. We agree with our subscribers that the true value lies in experiencing the delight of unwrapping a surprise gift, handpicked just for them according to their preferences.​​

Currently ships only to the UK from the UK, but watch this space.

My Bio

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read about us, well me really.

The gift boxes I have created over many years both by working in the corporate hospitality and events world and for friends, family, colleagues etc, to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, new babies, weddings, retirement, etc...are something I have enjoyed doing for each one of them. I’m sure many of you have too, my Mum and Nana always did.

A box containing their favourite things has always been fun and I have always received great feedback. I really wanted to create them for women of a similar age to me. We are so busy working inside and outside of our families, work and life, that sometimes just being able to find the time to do something for ourselves, becomes somewhat of a challenge.

​Creating Remie Margot has been emerging from the background for a few years now! Spending time doing lot of research, trade shows, and subscription boxes (one of my favourite things). This has been between working full time, getting married, rescuing a cheeky pooch, moving house, enjoying celebrating turning 50, just LIFE.

Myself, friends and family wear our ages as badges of honor...not everyone gets the privilege to be 50 or over...we embrace it.

If you get the chance, I'd love you to join me over on 'the social media' @RemieMargot on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

My Business Tips

Stick at it, stay true to your dream.

Don't worry about other people and what they are doing (or not doing), certainly change with the times (that's the exciting bit) and research all the time. Only you have your ideas in your heart and head, NO-ONE else has that! Someone has always done before what you're doing and someone will always do it in the future, just do it.

If you can't chuck thousands of pounds at something just get the numbers together during your research and spend money as you have it on getting it all rocking and rolling. I have designed, created my website (slowly), sourced the best payment process for me, the packaging I wanted, the type of brand I wanted Remie to be, the contents I wanted in the boxes, suppliers I really wanted to use (both now and when my numbers have increased), and everything else - the only thing I have outsourced is photography because it's not my profession and that is what will sell my products because they are online - you might not always be able to do everything at once, but be patient it will still happen - oh and most of all...enjoy it!

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