My Buzz

Every year I set myself goals both in business and personally and my 2015 goal was to win #SBS, I achieved that in Q1!

Becoming part of the #SBS family has been one of the very best things to happen to my business. Fellow winners are helpful and supportive and I have so many amazing resources at my finger tips.

Thank you Theo!!

My Bio

Hi, I am Hayley Doody, founder of Remote Associates.

Back in January 2013 I launched Remote Associates with the idea that there must be lots of businesses that really need an office assistant, but not full time, or even part time, but maybe only for a few tasks. That’s where I come in as your Virtual Assistant and my aim is to make your life easier!

A little about me ... As a working mum with three young children and a self-employed partner with his own business, organisation is crucial to juggle my home and work life. Thankfully, I love organisation and being an organiser is my greatest strength, closely followed by being pretty unflappable in a crisis and having the ability to find a solution to the most difficult problems! I thrive on using these skills to help others manage their businesses and it’s what motivated me to set up Remote Associates.

Whilst I started as a solo Virtual Assistant, I now have a small team who help me and we are constantly looking at developing new services for our clients.

My Business Tips

I know it may sound scary but try and only check your emails at set times throughout the day and definitely NOT before you get out of bed or last thing at night!

Emails can be a huge zap on your time so turn off those 'ping' notifications and be strict with yourself!

Set 30 minute slots to read and action those in your inbox, whether that be a quick reply or filling for re-addressing later on.

I promise this will save you time and make you more efficient.

I challenge you to try it!!

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