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The #SBS is much more of an honour I suppose then anything else. Other then a small rise in followers on twitter there hasn't been much more! We're anticipating some more traffic in the new year and hope to be part of the #SBS events that happen later in 2015.There isn't anything more to say about our buzz so I'm filling in the void.

My Bio

Restrap products are made by cyclists, for cyclists. Riding is what we do. When it all began, we were spending our summers tackling the hills of West Yorkshire, putting our bikes and ourselves to the test. We passed - our bikes didn’t. Amazing views, climbs and descents were frequently spoiled by one thing: broken pedal straps. Back then, there was simply nothing on the market strong enough to withstand the forces and pressures of everyday riding. So we made our own. In the back bedroom of a house in Bingley, we designed, developed and produced our signature product, the diagonal strap. It was a success. Other cyclists began asking for the product, demand increased and Restrap was born.

From these small beginnings, Restrap has gone from strength to strength, now producing a wide range of innovative, hard wearing cycling products. We know what cyclists want, understand those small but irritating riding problems - storage space, fluid intake, reliability - and we solve them with careful, functional designs.

My Business Tips

The environment is a key concern in all we do. Most of our products are still handmade in Yorkshire from recycled, locally sourced materials and always will be. Everything with the Restrap name on is both ethically and environmentally friendly whilst offering unsurpassed value for money and we remain proud of our Yorkshire roots which got us where we are today.

We know that cycling is more than a sport. We recognise its importance in the lives of our customers and produce products that can be relied upon, trusted and enjoyed.

Build a brand people believe in and want to be part of.

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