My Buzz

I was over the moon to have won #SBS, I never thought in a million years my little business would receive such an amazing award. I am super proud to been awarded it.

My Bio

Retro Flamingo began in March 2016. I have followed Retro Vintage Fashion for years and often would trek round Vintage fairs and other events looking for Vintage finds.
Retro Flamingo is combination of my love of fashion buying and carries some of my favourite brands and am very proud to have them on board, as well as combining my creative skills to create my own line of Vintage inspired clothes and accessories.
The name Retro Flamingo came about as I use the word Retro a lot and Flamingo's are my favourite animal so the name and brand truly reflect me.
Retro Flamingo is currently run from my home and I am very fortunate to have a very supportive husband and family. Especially with post office runs and packing for events.

My Business Tips

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a business. I write weekly jobs to be completed, including breaks and days off. I find having a plan helps ensure all areas of business are catered for I have also set my phone and apps to be switched off to ensure I am distracted into another job.

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