My Buzz

When Theo retweeted me in July 2011, I got an immediate boost in followers! About 120+ new followers in 24hrs!
It's an honour and a privilege to wear the SBS winners badge, and thank you Theo for picking me. :o)

My Bio

I am a voice over artist producing audio for radio & TV adverts, web-based audio adverts, on-hold & IVR for phone systems, corporate video narration and everything in between.

Clients so far include the Autosport International Motorshow, Severn Trent, HSBC, WPA, BMW, Screwfix and many more.

It's quite strange to have to describe your own voice, however, people have commented in the past that it is rich, deep, gravelly, with an authoritative but friendly tone. I also have a reasonable range, so I'm not just stationed in one particular area.

My previous life was in video production, but have left that world behind me, and have been voicing for around 4 years now.

My Business Tips

Always treat people with respect, no matter who they are.
Always pay invoices on time!
Pay it forward....

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