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My Buzz

#SBS has had such a positive effect on my business. Since the website only went live in November it was such a huge boost to our profile when Theo retweeted us in January. We had a huge rise in visitors to the website and interest in the products plus a picture and write up in the regional paper. As the business is only on-line the Winners badge makes such a difference to the customers trust and perception of the website. Since the Press Release, I have had many enquiries from suppliers too interested in seeing the products on the Rightbag website. We seem to have such a wonderful community, all eager and willing to help each other succeed. After everything that has happened in the last six months I can't wait to see where the next six lead!

My Bio

My background is in Sales but once my first child was born I decided to take time off to be with him and eventually his little brother too, when he came along two years later. I was lucky to have four wonderful years at home purely looking after the children. I really enjoyed it but something inside me was nagging me to do something with my brain and I missed getting the kick out of selling and hearing from satisfied customers, so I started looking at business ideas I could do from home to try and get a balance.
Before my first son was born I travelled with work and struggled to find the perfect laptop/work bag. The ones that my company gave me were very bulky and black (which didn’t go well with my handbag!). I started to enquiry about setting up my own online business specialising in women’s bags and cases for Laptops, Netbooks, iPads, iPhones and Kindles. All the other online stores that I came across were very male orientated with lots of content but not enough images, plus you had to search through twenty man bags to get to one women’s bag which was pretty soul destroying. I trawled through all the websites that I could find selling women’s laptop bags, they were all the same, some worse than others but none focused purely towards women. I was stunned to find this, since there were so many women that needed a bag or case for their laptop.

So I started enquiring at web designers and describing to them how I imagined the website. We then spent three months working on the site whilst I built up a following on Twitter and Facebook. I have researched and tested all the bags myself for quality, fit and overall ease to carry. I am really excited to see all the new products and brands go live on the website and look forward to building the business until every women in the UK is aware that it's easy to get a stylish bag or case for their mobile device.

My Business Tips

Try, try try again - just because someone hasn't replied to your email/tweet or phone call doesn't mean they aren't interested in your brand or product, usually they are just really busy. Keep trying you might just get through to the person you need or they might finally read that Press Release you sent them.

It's always going to be harder than you thought! But boy, what an amazing journey it will be. Plan to make sure you put your all into this, there is no point messing around if your not committed.

Never think you can sit back and relax in business, you should always be learning and your business should always be evolving. That way you stay ahead of the competition.

My Latest Offers

10% off ALL PRODUCTS for #SBS Winners Only. Use the code SBSWIN in the promo box and the 10% will automatically be deducted from the total.

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