My Buzz

SBS has been excellent for us. As a new company, marketing budgets are minimal which can make it difficult but SBS has introduced us to the world of twitter on a greater scale than we could have imagined. Not only has it been beneficial from a social media perspective but the recognition on the website is invaluable.

My Bio

I started out as a young butcher but on leaving school embarked upon a career as a mechanic with brought me to the motorsport industry. Here is where I learnt about business and marketing and I was inspired to combine this newfound knowledge with the family trade. Roaming Roosters was born!

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My Business Tips

Believe in yourself. If you dont, nobody else will.
Hand pick a dedicated team - these are the people who will help you realise your vision.
Always remember what makes your business unique and keep this at the forefront of all that you do.

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