My Buzz

My Twitter account has gone wild and visits to my website have risen dramatically. Everyone locally seems to know about my business now too! I'm sure that very soon the effects of this incredible opportunity will bear fruit through new commissions. I am very grateful to Theo for this simple, but oh-so-effective idea.

My Bio

Robyn has been carving stone for over twenty years. A traditionally trained stonemason and former head carver at Salisbury Cathedral she set up her own studio in 2006 specializing in artist designed bespoke memorials and fine hand carved inscriptions. Meticulous attention to detail and customer collaboration are the hallmarks of her especially sensitive approach to the difficult subject of client bereavement.
Previous commissions include the memorial to former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath in Salisbury Cathedral, plaques for Portsmouth Cathedral and Royal opening plaques at Salisbury District Hospital.

My Business Tips

Write a business plan & review it regularly.

Dream. Visualisation is so important, every great venture starts with a small idea. If you can see it in your mind's eye you are already well on the way to success.

There are ALWAYS opportunities around. Sieze them.

Be honest, forthright and gracious.

Pray. Give thanks. Give to charity.

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