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Being a winner of SBS is an award that anyone with a business on Twitter dreams of achieving. And believe me, the reality is even better! Over 400 visits to our website in the last 3 hours and enquiries for the RollerScoot mobility vehicle are coming in thick and fast! Thanks to Theo for all that he does for the small business owner!

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INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES NOW AVAILABLE! ...Introducing a true revolution in powered mobility - THE NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD-WINNING ROLLERSCOOT...For a more User-Friendly, Interactive Mobility Experience! Stand up / sit down positions, cutting-edge features such as Lithium-ion batteries, an aluminium frame, and a joystick (controlling 2 motors!) make the incredible RollerScoot the lightest, most manoeuvrable mobility vehicle in the world! It can even be dismantled into 3 pieces or folded up and wheeled like a suitcase! Enquiries from dealers, distributors and investors are welcome!..RollerScoot is a Registered Trademark and is Worldwide Patent Pending! Please vsit Tel- 01803 558888 Mob- 07753 826807 email-

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Believe in yourself, your business and your products.
NEVER procrastinate; do it NOW!
Work hard!
Get the right balance between work, family and leisure time.

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