My Buzz

Well it has been 48 hours since we became official winners of the #SBS and so far we have received over 100 new Twitter followers, and people seem to have really taken the time to stop, look at us, and really check out what we do. I am sure this is going to be a great way for us to cast out the Romster message further a field and ultimately grow our little business. Thanks very much Theo and all of your team.

My Bio

I'm passionate about cycling, and passionate about design. Having worked in the cycling industry for approaching 10 years a friend suggested to me I should have a go at launching my own cycling related T-Shirt brand. A week later, I was selling t-shirts to all 4 corners of the UK. Our customer base is now bigger than ever, we send t-shirts to dozens of different countries every month, we have several Pro Cyclists wearing our brand such as the Downing Brothers of Yorkshire, and Magnus Backstedt a previous winner of the gruelling race that is the Paris Roubaix. We even have some celebrity faces in the mix too which is just unbelievable. We are going to continue working hard to supply high quality products and second that with high quality service. We have just partnered with a fantastic local artist called Alan Heighton so we have lots of new ideas waiting to get down on t-shirts so make sure you stay with us. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Facebook and Twitter followers. Particularly the guys and girls on Twitter who have been with us since day one when i didn't know what a Tweet was, and to the rest - you are all awesome. #clubromster

My Business Tips

Be passionate, be committed, be determined, never lack in common sense, if you do then go and get it from someone who has it in abundance, never underestimate ideas from other people, be inspired, get as much information as you can before you push the go button, be prepared to be tired, be prepared for the worst, be prepared for the best, and if all else fails - never give up. Andy

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