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Thanks for all the great messages this week, sorry if we didn’t reply to everyone. We’ve created a "SBS Tweeps" list of all the great followers of @TheoPaphitis and the SBS phenomenon so we can keep track of everyone.

Loving being part of the SBS buzz!

My Bio

RTS Communications are a London based audiovisual company established in 1996. We are a team of technical experts who specialise in everything audio and video, from audiovisual hire and sales, installation to web streaming, video conferencing and IPTV installation.

My Business Tips

The most important tip I can recommend is to engage with people, both face to face and via social network sites, don't hard sell but remember to let people know who YOU are and what YOU'RE company can offer. People do not necessarily need your services immediately but by keeping active online and attending regular business meets, prospective clients will remember both your name and your company.

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