My Buzz

"So delighted to be hand-picked by Theo and recognised for the dedication to enriching animal lives that comes through my products and work as an animal behaviourist. The SBS family has been brilliant at supporting us as a small business that is rapidly growing and facing new and exciting challenges every day."

My Bio

I'm an animal behaviourist who specialises in environmental enrichment for pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses. I started Ruffle Snuffle to build a brand for my specialist range of toys, hand baked treats, natural grooming and enrichment products.

I started making enrichment toys in the late 1990's for my potbellied pig. They were 'rooting rugs' made from old clothes (my jeans mostly!) and woven into tough rubber matting for the pig to snuffle around for her treats. I did this because she had a habit of wrecking the carpets with her strong snout!

Since then I've adapted the design and now make Ruffle Snuffles® for all sorts of animals both pets and in captivity.

I love my animal behaviour consultancy work so please contact me if you think I can help you. I'm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - just search for Ruffle Snuffle.

My Business Tips

Be smart. Plan ahead. Take a little time to think. Make decisions. Get on with it. Make mistakes. Move on. Listen, read, learn and apply. Repeat.

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