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Ruth Mary Jewellery combines traditional lace making with contemporary silversmithing to create sculptural pieces of wearable art for the style-conscious woman. Ruth handcrafts pieces of couture lace, which are subsequently reborn in solid sterling silver and transformed into jewellery. Her products are items of luxury; created for customers who seek to invest in heirloom pieces.

In previous generations, the value of a jewellery piece was predominantly down to the weight of the metal and the types of stones set. This approach can no longer tell the full story, since jewellery has become more of an art form. This is why Ruth creates lace designs, which are unique to her brand and uses them to tell a story or communicate an emotion. This strong aesthetic and the desire to create a legacy, means her customers become part of a bigger story which gives them the chance to own a piece of history.

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Ruth Mary is the jewellery sculptor behind the brand Ruth Mary Jewellery.
Her route into the industry was by no means an ordinary one. Whilst studying chemistry at university, a chronic illness called narcolepsy forced Ruth to withdraw and take time out.

It was during this period that Ruth discovered the art of lace making, which would eventually become the inspiration for her first collection. Whilst crafting this lace, Ruth formed the embryo of a concept: is it possible to turn lace into sterling silver?
She set out on a journey to find out; and realising it to be possible, she took head-on the challenge to teach herself silversmithing.

Ruth has conducted sustainability research, analysing the production processes of silver nanoparticles at a molecular level. She therefore plans to use these tools to minimise the environmental impacts associated with the creation of her jewellery pieces.

Ruth has a passion for public speaking and inspiring others with her story, as well as on creative and scientific subjects. She is also an accomplished classical pianist.

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Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

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