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My Buzz

I work with small businesses that have run out of time to do their social media now their business is going great guns. Whether it’s just regular posting or a full-on business boosting campaign, you can get social media to work for you again!

Running a small business is such a challenge. I know because I ran one too for many years. I built a niche micro-business with a strong social following. I supplied lots of small businesses but they kept asking me if I would do their social media too.

It’s not rewarding to battle with social media when you’re a small business owner. With everything else you have to do, staying up to date is hard and it’s even harder to get it right. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your social media was in professional hands?

My Bio

After founding Quincy Lampshades and successfully bringing an end to boring lampshades, Ruth quickly realised she had a natural skill for using social media to promote business.

My Business Tips

Be nice. Be big. Be bold. Use all the different communications platforms with care and gusto.

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