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SanHanz provides 75% alcohol hand sanitiser whilst supporting local communities, with 20% of our proceeds going to local food banks and an additional 25% going to front line workers. The community in which you purchase our product is the community that will benefit from our social support. We are now moving into wholesale and bespoke branding for our customers.

My Bio

We are two young sister, 20 & 17, who have created a business in the midst of a pandemic. Initially looking for a way to provide hand sanitiser to our mother, a front-line worker, we saw an opportunity to expand our business and help our local community. This was the birth of SanHanzUK.

Our social aim includes giving 20% of proceeds to local food banks, a cause that has seen a huge drive in demand since the beginning of the pandemic. We also offer 25% extra product to any frontline workers as a token of appreciation.

We are now expanding into wholesale and offer bespoke labels to fit your brand, depending on volumes.

My Business Tips

Your ambitions are never too big! Resilience is a powerful tool and you should not be afraid of failure.

Understand your market.

Understanding the climate you are selling in allows for agility which we have found to be extremely important in every step of our start up.

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