My Buzz

Getting feedback from the customers is the best feeling! I love doing craft shows and meeting the customers in person - so much better than my old desk job!

My Bio

I have a small studio in Worcester where I design and create a range of contemporary fused glass jewellery. I have a science background and enjoy playing with the chemistry of reactions inside the layers of glass to produce striking effects. My work often has bold colour combinations or eye-catching light effects and the most common response is “I’ve never seen anything like this before”. Although the techniques are repeatable, each piece is unique partly because the time in the kiln up to 800oC always adds the extra unknown factor which is very exciting. The glass pieces are available as pendants, adjustable rings, earrings, charms, buttons and cufflinks and commissions are welcomed. More recently, I have been creating unusual enamelled copper jewellery - a very different style to my fused glass - more about the textures and blending of colours. I also recycle gin bottles into jewellery and fuse memorial ashes inside glass for bespoke commissions.
I sell online, in galleries and shops (including Kew Gardens!) and at many Art and Craft Markets across the Midlands area.
I run glass fusing classes for up to 6 people at a time and enamelling for up to 3 in Worcester for anyone interested in learning the basic techniques and creating a range of glass including sun-catchers or coasters or jewellery. I can also take my class out to other venues for groups of 7-10. My husband Chris is a potter and we also run combined classes.