My Bio

Hi, My name is James and I am founder of Savage Gymwear. I created the brand in 2019 during my recovery from a sudden and shocking health issue, it made me realise that the fitness industry doesn't celebrate or show support for growth in a 'real world' way. We all want to look our best but make no mistake, it doesn't come over night (Very much like building a business)

I am living proof that if you always strive to beat the person you were yesterday, you can achieve great things; not just in fitness but in life.

Savage Gymwear not only provides quality gymwear to it's customers, we drive our mission to support and grow with our #bethebestofyou mantra. Along side our environmental values, we are taking the industry head on.

Join us as we grow, and remember - Be the best of you

My Business Tips

Position yourself where you want to be, and you will catch up with yourself. what I mean by this is, play the game you want to be in not the one you are currently in, get good at it, know your industry and play the role. Display confidence, promote small successes and don't be afraid to showcase your own ability, it will take you places you want to be.

Don't rush, fail quick, learn quicker - it's easy to get bogged down in things that didn't work, use them as an opportunity to take stock of why, adjust, get over it and get on with it.

Surround yourself with people who have skills in area's you don't, you can't do it all yourself. Businesses or brands are born out of an idea but built by like-minded people not individuals.

Don't be afraid of social media, it is daunting to say the least but a huge asset to getting you discovered. My brand would not have been fortunate to join #SBS without giving twitter a go, looking back I wonder why I didn't start sooner!

Naysayers will be around you no matter what, not everyone will be behind you. Don't worry about them, focus on your goal, your mission and learn along the way. Don't be deterred by those 'non believers'. Keep focus.

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