My Buzz

Did you know that I’m a Twitter marketing expert and social media mastermind?

I’ve been a huge advocate of social media and have been successfully using it as a marketing channel for my clients for over 5 years now. During that time, I’ve helped my clients to win awards, attract new customers and open the door to a range of opportunities they tell me wouldn’t have happened without that social media exposure.

My Bio

Hello. I’m Claire Saxton and I’m the Director of Saxton Marketing.

I’ve worked with a variety of companies over the years, large and small, and I’ve helped them all break through their marketing barriers and take their business further than they thought possible.
My journey began at the University of Derby where I studied for my degree and CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing.

Since then I’ve gained 12 years’ experience working on marketing campaigns for local Building Societies and decided to take my campaign manager skills to independent businesses throughout the UK by forming Saxton Marketing Ltd.

This is my 5th year as owner of Saxton Marketing Ltd and I can’t believe how far I’ve come with the business and just how much I’ve been able to help business owners like you. It makes relaxing at home with a glass of gin in the evening all the better when I know I’ve done a good day’s working helping businesses attract more customers and leads.

My biggest love in marketing is social media, so you may spot me around and about at local networking events running workshops, training sessions and generally sharing my knowledge on all things social media to everyone interested in hearing about it!

You can expect me to be honest, direct and transparent when you work with me – that means no fluff, I tell you what you need to do to get results and I’ll help you get them too.

My Business Tips

*Be you! You are your brand! Your marketing should show personality and remember that people buy from you.

*Do what you love! There are some tasks in business that we know we need to do but don't have the passion or knowledge to do it! The answer is outsource! There are so many other small businesses ready to help you from accountants, virtual assistants, social media managers and so much more!

*Collaborate! It's easy to worry that you have competition but think about how you can collaborate with your fellow experts! The world is such a better place when we support each other and we can all benefit!

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