My Buzz

The response on Twitter has been amazing! I am looking forward to learning from other SBS winners and growing my business even more.

My Bio

Whilst pushing a new baby in a pram, I stuggled to help my little boy on his scooter - so invented scooTow! It also stopped my husband complaining about a sore back whenever he picked up our son from nursery!

scooTow is an extension handle for Mini Micro scooters which helps parents to tow children on their scooters comfortably and safely.

It's been a very steep learning curve to get scooTow desgined, patented, into production and onto the shelves, but I'm loving every minute. You can follow our journey at:

My Business Tips

Don't be afraid to ask 'silly' questions - right from the start you need to understand how it all works.

Other small business owners have been surprisingly helpful in sharing their contacts and suppliers - you just need to ask.

And when you've done a great sales pitch, don't forget to ask for what you want - presumably an order!

Finally, learn to love spreadsheets :-(

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