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The best thing that has happened recently is giving birth to my lovely new son Noah (2012) and at the same time meeting the wonderful Theo Paphitis at the #SBS awards in Birmingham (2012)

Since giving birth to our amazing son life has never been the same Noah was born disabled with Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus he's paralysed from the chest & has 2% brain, we where nominated for the TV series #DIYSOS Big Build & our house has been transformed into a beautiful home we are grateful everyday #HugsForNoah @HugsForNoah

I asked Theo about writing a children's book his answer ........."Just Do It" so in 2014 I did just what Theo said and wrote one about a little boy called Noah that has Spina Bifida I dedicated the book thank you to a list of people who I had helped ....... But if it hadn't of been for Theo saying "Just Do It" I would of never of done it, he inspires so many people on so many different levels, I'm just grateful Theo inspired me ! the book has been printed and copies are left free of charge in hospitals & events, I do had them out to people I meet in the hope it raises more awareness out this awful condition !

My Bio

Im a mother to 3 wonderful children 2 daughters & son, wife to my wonderful husband rob, love being with my family and really enjoy sharing everyday. We are always busy, we live in a 1730's Georgian house which we are renovating & moved here in 2008, life has never been the same since. We grow our own veg, buy old furniture and paint it to make nice pretty things to fill our home with, we make do and mend, recycle wood, sew, craft, bake cakes & bread, paint anything that looks shabby, love charity shops, anything vintage, love antiques road show, anything pink, giving gifts, making people happy, always being positive & family get togethers !

Long term goals - would have to be writing children's books achieved in 2014 & my autobiography
short term goals - to have my own business making ragdolls
my favourite places - would have to be my home with my family having a good chat & laughing our socks off till our ribs hurt and we had tears running down our faces live life to the full & always treat people as you wish to be treated yourself x

My Business Tips

Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.
Keep smiling every day.
Always be positive.

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