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Delighted to have been picked for the Small Business Sunday Award! Aiming to give merchants the ability to take card payments without a card reader, relieve the stress of paperwork and and offer an effective way of running their business.

My Bio

SimplyPayMe enables seamless payments, invoicing and simple business management solutions, all through your smartphone.

100% cloud-based, with low transaction rates and free subscription plans available, our aim is to make your working life simpler.

SimplyPayMe works on all Apple and Android devices, as well as on web browsers, meaning you can use it nearly anywhere to take payments. No other hardware needed. You can still use the app without an internet connection*, as all changes will automatically sync up as soon as you’re back online.

My Business Tips

People make a business tick. Invest in people and invest in your customers. Always seek to do as much as you can for them, and more. Let people know that you care, if your primary goal is profit, then you will never reach it. Rewards in business are always down to organisation, hard work and customer satisfaction. Invest in the people you work with, hire people that you feel happy working for yourself. The business is only as good as the people in it.