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"Hockey apparel for sin binners" - Sin Bin Clothing celebrates hard hitting, traditional ice hockey. We are inspired by the roar of the crowd, the electric atmosphere and the heart pumping action from a hockey game. We make clothing that is an ode to "Sin Binners", our own phrase to describe those that give big hits, spend time in the box, and get those penalty minutes!

Whether you're a hockey player that resonates with our passion for old school hockey, or a fan that loves to cheer them on from the crowd - Sin Bin Clothing is the brand for you. We aim to bring various products and prices to suit all. From our SBC basics to our premium collection, we hope you like our simple yet striking designs.

We create with sustainability in mind. Our clothing is printed with the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method. The printing tech we use is made with sustainability in mind, and our DTG printing partners use almost zero wastewater and low energy, lessening our carbon footprint. The inks used for printing are water-based and free of harmful chemicals. Our printing partners take care to dispose of any left-over ink according to the ink supplier guidelines, so we’re not harming the environment.

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"Hockey apparel for Sinbinners" - We create hockey inspired clothing, made to order.

Sin Bin Clothing is a couple-run brand, both with a passion for hard hitting ice hockey. Viktor, a Swedish import, plays in defence for a local team and is often the one giving out big hits, or spending time in the penalty box! Lois, a teacher and Business Degree holder, cheers on from the crowd.

"Ice hockey is an imperative part of our lives, and is a sport we both love to watch and play. In addition, starting our own brand that we are passionate about has always been a dream of ours. It feels great to make it a reality. Thank you to everyone that supports us and purchases from our store!"

- Lois and Viktor

My Business Tips

- Just go for it.
- Be mindful of sustainability, the environment and how your decisions can impact that.
- A customer centric approach is imperative.
- Be creative and bold.
- Expand your knowledge of marketing strategies, SEOs, social media marketing etc, to make sure your brand is reaching the masses!

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