My Buzz

Our big BUZZ for this week is that Wella (one of the biggest hair brands in the world) has asked to be part of their new marketing campaign which launches Friday 20th November. The campaign is called #GiftofConfidence and concentrates on giving people who have lost their hair for whatever reasons including chemo or other medical condition the gift of confidence using NIOXIN.

My Bio

Sixth Sense Salon was born in September 2014, it was the mastermind of two very lively characters, both incredibly creative, both completely different and more importantly both called Dean. What makes Sixth Sense special, is that "The Dean's" bring two very different dynamics, they both have their own expertise and they aim to be the very best at what they do (they're also extremely competitive).

Dean V (Hairdresser) brings with him 17 years worth of hairdressing experience working with some of the largest brands in the world including Sakks, Toni & Guy and over 14 years working within Regis International where he was part of the national artistic team training stylist all over the country. He's also a mulit-award winning stylist with a massive following both locally, nationally and internationally with clients specifically travelling back to the country to get their hair done.

Dean R (the business man) is the brains behind the whole operation, his background is IT, recruitment and creative marketing. He handles all "the boring stuff" including accounts, HR and general business related matters. However, Dean R's main attribute is his unique ability to fully understand the consumer and creative bespoke marketing solutions to ensure the salon has a continual flow of customers and then keeps them. He's also a social media guru, with access to some of the countries best photographers, graphic designers and videogrophers who help Sixth Sense Sense create a large, professional online presence.

Sixth Sense Salon live by their mission statement: "Make Everybody Feel Like Somebody". We want to make sure that EVERY customer feels special and will recommend us to their friends we want to make their experience so special that they will never got to another hair salon...

We really want to be the best and we invest in the key areas to ensure that we continue to break boundaries, not just in hairdressing but in business also.

My Business Tips

Interactive Visual media is the way forward, invest in quality photography and a good brand video... Post, share and involve your customers in everything you go; they will reward you without you even knowing it.

Start small, dream big.

Stay humble, you never know who you kick on the way up, might kick you back when your on the way down (no one stays on top forever).

The best way to sell is not to sell; people like to be taken journey, by fully understanding what a client needs and offering a solution it should really sell itself. We call it emotional intelligence in our salon.

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