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Skin Elixir is dedicated to creating hand-made, luxurious, non-toxic, planet-friendly beauty products that nourish the skin you're in and bring bliss to the senses. 100% natural, organic, plant-based and vegan with no added water so no emulsifiers or potentially hormone damaging preservatives.

What makes us simply different?

Your skin is amazing, working 24/7 to protect you from the ravages of daily life. Skin Elixir's naturally beneficial ingredients restore and oxygenate, improving the quality and health of all skin types.
​Skin Elixir pampers your skin and your senses.

​Our promise to you is that Skin Elixir will never use: parabens, mineral oils, preservatives, silicons, emulsifiers, petrochemicals, palm oil or detergents... Just 100% nutrifying ingredients, carefully crafted and blended to feed, balance and nourish the skin you're in.
​•Organic & 100% natural plant-based ingredients

•Cruelty-free - no animal testing

•Lovingly hand-crafted

•Minimal number of ingredients

•Small batch production to maintain integrity

•Concentrated - no added water or emulsifiers

•Super absorbency - no residue

•Non-toxic - phthalate-free - paraben-free

•No Preservatives - only natural Vitamin E

•Suitable for all skin types including highly sensitive

•Luxurious ​

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​Skin Elixir arose from my passion for beauty products and desire to create non toxic perfumes and moisturisers to nourish the skin you're in. Products that are not only subtly, sumptuously-scented and sensual, but luxurious and ethical too.

Perfume is evocative, with its power to stimulate or soothe. l struggled to find a natural perfume I liked the scent of and that didn't include ingredients that could damage my hormonal health.

With moisturisers I've always searched for ethical skincare, products that are paraben, emulsifier, synthetic-free, and cruelty-free. I had little joy, as on close scrutiny, most products use synthetic preservatives and other toxic 'filler' ingredients to enhance the shelf life. Skin Elixir 100% natural skincare products have a 12 month shelf life and only contain natural Vitamin E, nature's own preservative.

Shona Munro: Founder Skin Elixir

Fundamental to me and my brand, are the ingredients - selected for their skin healing properties, nurturing not damaging. Frankincense, a key feature in Skin Elixir products and rightly revered as the king of oils, is not only treasured as an ancient antidepressant for its ability to induce mental peace, relaxation and satisfaction but can have a phenomenally positive impact on the skin, promoting healthy cell regeneration and reversing the signs of ageing.

I hope all our customers cherish these products, handmade with love and integrity.

​Skin Elixir - Nourish the Skin You're in.

Founder of Skin Elixir and lover of natural skincare

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Invite bloggers to review products, ask them for credited images and a review in exchange for products. Think outside of the box!

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