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The sky is the limit and the application of aerial imaging technology is limited only by imagination and of course , safety rules. Fully approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate drones ( or as we prefer to call them Unmanned Aerial Systems). SkyCamWales is proud to be a Welsh business flying the flag for Wales. In the first year of business our clients include BBC, ITV, Channel 4 , S4C, Celtic Manor Resort, Valero,Cloggau Gold and many more. First and foremost we are professional photographers and videographers, the UAS technology is a different camera body to produce unique, high quality, low altitude, broadcast quality images. UAS photography and video may be used for marketing, surveys, search and rescue and of course TV and film - cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly. We are proud to be on the committee of the Uk's professional drone industry association.

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Former Royal Navy aerial photographers and videographers with over 30 years experience in world wide media production now using drones for high quality,low altitude aerial imaging.

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