My Buzz

From the first tweet that Theo sent, it was like a Whirlwind had hit me ( but in a nice way )
I didn't have time to look at the tweet, before more came in, lots were from #SBS Winners welcoming me and sending their congratulations and best wishes on my win.
Within hours I'd started to gain many more twitter followers, received and answered so many tweets I lost count. This continued on into the night and the next day, and still on going.
Did my first #sbswinnershours the next day, and was once again welcome into the group by all.
Thank you Theo and Ryman and the SBS Team

My Bio

I started my business in 2014 having recently moved homes to Wiltshire to be close to family.
I decided I wanted to try running my own business but wasn't sure what it was going to be, then one day when looking after the families dogs it came to me, they have two dogs Bertie the Lab and Toby a Dachshund X they was always spending lots of money trying to get accessories that actually fit properly, I told them that I would try and make Toby a coat to keep him warm to save them money.
I total enjoyed making it, they liked the finished product and said I should make more, so that was the start of Smart Dogs Boutique.
From that day I've never not looked back, my Son started to design the website, my Daughter-in-Law started teaching my all about social media, my website went live in June 2014.
I now make Dog Collars, Leads, Coats, Bandanas, Beds and Homewares. I offer my customers a bespoke service so that they can have items made to their dogs own unique size.
Recently I've started to attend local events and Dog Shows so that I can interact with my customers more.

My Business Tips

Believe in what you do, and your customers will Believe in you.

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