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I help fab foodie start-ups to do their own responsive PR in 10 mins a day for only £59pm in my monthly membership club called The Smoothie Bar!

My Bio

Hi, I'm Charlotte Moore, and I'm here to help you spread the word about your brilliant business. I know start-ups have the least amount of time and money but need the most amount of help, so I'll help you to get exciting PR exposure while balancing an itty bitty budget.

Every business (food or non-food), can join the 10-day free trial in my monthly membership club called The Smoothie Bar You could get yourself into big media names like the Telegraph, BBC Good Food, Metro, Top Santé, Evening Standard, Woman, The Independent and many more.

Check out the 'Wall of Fame' page on my website to see just how successful small businesses like yours can be!

My Business Tips

* Search #journorequest on Twitter to find lots of responsive PR opportunities.

* Look ahead to the next three months and plan your content around what's going to be popular or newsworthy that your brand can get involved with.

* Set up a Dropbox folder with high res (good quality) images of your brand logo, various products and head shots of you and your team. If a journo wants to feature you at short notice (and it's always short notice!), that's the type of thing they'll ask for.

* Pitch yourself as a podcast guest so that the listeners hear the personality and passion behind your brand!

* When customers tell you how much they love your goodies, share this with your followers so the customer feels special and you're providing 'social proof' to others.

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