My Buzz

Jewellery can have a very emotive response, whether reacting to something visually beautiful, associating significance to the elements it's made of or perhaps the person that chose an item for us; it tells a story about who we are and what is important to us. I create delicately hand-crafted jewellery using fine precious metal wires to reflect your individuality and help tell your stories. Combining intricately woven wires with gemstones, crystal and pearls, each piece embodies beauty, meaning and originality.

My Bio

Only a few years ago I did not imagine that I would have my own creative business, I worked for large global corporations for the last 16 years with degrees in Chemistry and Business and although I've enjoyed my work in the past, I've often felt that it didn't reflect a large part of the person I am. Since my teens I have dabbled in arts and crafts in my spare time and took up jewellery making as a hobby. Once I could make pieces of good quality I started designing bespoke items for friends and family as gifts and now I am embarking on a new adventure and sharing my creations. Establishing my own business was a daunting prospect, and required me to learn a whole bunch of new skills but I have never felt so creative and free in my work as I do now and I'm relishing the opportunity to do what makes me happy

My Business Tips

Go out of your way to delight your customers, especially when starting out, what makes a small business competitive is the personal touch, people remember that. In particular if something does go wrong, act immediately, do everything you can to make it right and make amends with the customer, you can turn an unfortunate incident into an opportunity to win customer loyalty if you demonstrate your respect.

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