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Hi everyone!

Supporting victims of domestic abuse is my passion and priority.

My Bio

My 10 month old daughter saved my life back in November 2006 when my ex perpetrator slapped me for the last time, splitting my lip open as I held her in my arms.

In May 2009 I set up a secret support group on social media, a safe haven for survivors to come together without judgment.

SODA, Survivors of Domestic Abuse was created.

I dedicate my time and experience in supporting others. SODA raises awareness reduces isolation and supports those who have experienced domestic.

I offer online and one to one support to men, women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. There is no waiting list to be put on, criteria to fit or postcode lottery. SODA simply supports anyone.

SODA also offers a safe space for those who have experienced domestic abuse, where they can come to gather their thoughts, make a phone call or have a glass of water.

SODA helps reduce isolation by being there when needed.

My Business Tips

You're never too old to be who you want to be
Always prove them wrong
Don't be frightened to step out of your comfort zone
Collaborate not compete

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