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SoleCup is a Birmingham based company created by our 25 year old founder, Annie Powers.

We’re on a mission to reduce waste and improve taste for coffee, tea and smoothie drinkers.

Our eco-focused company has grown out of a love for good coffee and the simple idea that using less and caring for the environment are the basics of a sustainable lifestyle.

We all know disposables have got to go. More than 400 billion disposable cups are thrown away each year. What’s worse is that most of those are not recyclable and we don’t think they do anything for the taste either!

Therefore we have launched SoleCup, a long-life multi-use reusable glass travel mug. It's perfect for coffee drinkers but uniquely it can also be used for tea infusions and fruit based drinks too. This means there is no need for extra cups for different occasions. The cup is also barista tested, coffee shop friendly and will likely save you some money at the till.

We’ve chosen a glass cup to provide users with a premium drinking experience and the best possible taste. Furthermore, our cup, bands, infuser and part of our lid are all made from recyclable material. There are no single-use plastics. Because of this we think it's the perfect alternative to disposable cups.

We want you to know we are passionate about reducing the use of disposable cups and single use plastics and we encourage a refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy.

Check out our blog for more content on what matters to us and for hints and tips on how to reuse and recycle your cup.

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