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Soteria Asbestos...Keeping you safe. We provide quality asbestos training and comprehensive asbestos consultancy. It is a legal requirement (The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) that anyone who may disturb asbestos has asbestos awareness training and anyone who plans to work with non-licensed asbestos materials has additional training that includes a practical element. There is also a duty to manage asbestos and Soteria Asbestos can provide advice to organisations on how this can be successfully achieved. At Soteria Asbestos we strive to keep you and your employees safe from the risks involved with asbestos.

Headed by Suzanne Smith, Soteria Asbestos has 15 years of experience in the asbestos industry. Having started her career as an asbestos bulk analyst, Suzanne trained as an asbestos surveyor before moving to the public sector to oversee the asbestos management for a social housing provider. During her time there, Suzanne trained 360 maintenance staff to work with asbestos and was responsible for all elements of asbestos management.

Suzanne then became a Regional Operations Manager within the private sector. This role brought her the opportunity to develop my passion for asbestos training as well as providing advice for companies on how to control their asbestos management.

Suzanne says...

"I am dedicated to fulfilling my personal ambition of reducing the amount of people who die from asbestos following the death of my own Granddad to asbestos related lung cancer. All asbestos exposure can be prevented and I want to ensure asbestos awareness is not just a tick box on a health and safety form but something people incorporate in their working life.

Soteria Asbestos has allowed me to make a real difference by offering regular open asbestos training sessions and also bespoke courses aimed at helping employees fully understand their companies asbestos procedures. I have provided courses and consultancy services for clients ranging from self employed tradespeople to large organisations including Sheffield Hallam University and ACIS Group.

To extend my commitment to reducing unnecessary deaths from asbestos exposure I also work with the British Lung Foundation (BLF) to raise both funds and awareness. I have recently completed the London Marathon to raise money for this great charity and offer reductions to my courses when delegates make a donation to BLF."

My Business Tips

1. Great customer service is more valuable than any discount you can offer
2. Never stop learning...knowledge is power!
3. Don't dwell on failings or disappointments....learn from them and move on
4. Do what you one buys from a person who hates what they sell
5. Take's scientifically proven that a holiday is the brains refresh button and you'll come back full of ideas, inspiration and energy.

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