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The business began in 2016 with a vision to be the first choice for customers searching for that perfect gift and to provide inspiration to meet all their gifting needs. The aim is to provide the very best gifts at a reasonable and affordable price.

โ€˜Giftโ€™ can represent different meanings; a token of luck, to show allegiance, a sign of status, to show love and affection, or to show appreciation or gratitude.

Gifts can be used to convey emotions, feelings and expression. They are a way of building strong social connections with people around you. They can be given to anyone - family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, business contact or a complete stranger.

Sometimes care must be taken when you are intending to give a gift as different religions and cultures may provide a different meaning to the one that you intended.

There are many occasions when it may be appropriate to present a gift such as an engagement party, invitation to a dinner party, housewarming party, graduation ceremony, anniversary, job promotion, retirement, annual holiday or just a special occasion.

The gifts sold by Sow Spirited gifts will hopefully provide inspiration and ideas to make that special gift a thoughtful one no matter the meaning, the intended recipient or the occasion.

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Adapt or Die.

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