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I'm Amanda...a writer/poet/creative.
I'm passionate about encouraging children to log out of the virtual world, and log in to their own creativity!

My Bio

Although like many people, I wear several hats...the one that fits me best of all, is that of writer/poet/creative.

Ever since I was a small child, (ridiculously excited by the thrill of cat/rat/mat), I have loved words...and the thrill of writing in rhyming verse remains.

I am a published author/poet.

My book "The Perfect Gift" reached #1 in the 'Amazon Top 100 Best Seller List' in category.
This is a collection of humorous/motivational/contemporary and Spiritual poetry.
I am also very drawn to the Law of Attraction, which also features in my book.

I accept poetry commissions- you wouldn't believe the diverse range of uses for a poem! ( I have written poetry for product branding/"Meet The Team" website sections/Business launch/Bespoke celebratory/commemoration events /Dear Dog-to name but a few!)

Combining my interests, I have also recently published a card deck ( which makes a lovely gift, if I may be so bold!), which features 31 cards, (one for each day of the month), with a different rhyming verse featured on each, and themed on the Motivational/Law of Attraction.

( These are available from my Etsy store: "PoetsCornerByAmanda".)

I also have published numerous journals available on Amazon, such as a Dream Journal/Gratitude Journal etc. and a range of 'Named' personalised journals.

The creation of my Spark My Imagination story kits, was the next logical step for me, as I am keen to help foster a love of words/writing in the next generation.

The best way to learn/practice anything is to combine it with having fun- so my kits are designed to excite children into wanting to 'dive in' and get writing!
The kits contain a deck of brightly coloured/stimulating prompt cards, along with a matching journal/pencil/eraser and stickers- as all good stories deserve recognition-right?

I invite contact regarding:

• Potential stockists of my merchandise (email:

• Poetry commission enquiries (email:

• Copywriting services. (")

• Proofreading (")

• Social Media posting. ( I currently administrate approx. 40 Facebook pages, and
offer a basic Facebook/Twitter page set-up, and ongoing post administration
package if required). (")


On a personal note... I love:

Not so keen on:

My Business Tips

* It's never too late to be who you might have been!
( Not strictly a business tip- but I speak here from experience.)

* Never accept the first 'no''. ( ...or the second).

*.Old fashioned saying- "Do, as you would be done by"
Integrity, passion, hard work and commitment are always fashionable.

* Be open-minded about what opportunity looks like- it seldom knocks your door
wearing a big red 'OPPORTUNITY' sticker!

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