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Exciting new from the team at @squashedpixel....we're launching #buyonlinehour on Monday 6th Jan 8.30-9.30pm. If you sell or buy online come & join in!

My Bio

Could we sum up the Squashed Pixel team up in one word? Yes, 'geeks' (in a good way). It's the passion we have for everything we do that ensures our work not only looks the part but delivers measurable results that make a noticeable difference to your business.

Established in 2009 we've quickly built a very respectable client list in a short space of time. We work long and hard to make sure that we're always at the top of our game and that our clients' needs are not only being met, but exceeded. This constant high level of service enables us to move past the traditional supplier/buyer relationship into a constantly evolving working partnership.

Working hard with all our clients on an on-going basis enables us to develop a greater understanding of their business and their needs. This allows us to regularly re-appraise our website design work to ensure that their marketing campaigns are constantly evolving so they are getting the best possible return on investment.

My Business Tips

Here are a few tips from us:

Stay true to why you starting your business! Never lose that passionate as your clients will respond to it.
Don't just network, build relationships. People buy from people.....not businesses!

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