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Start Running - Stay Running is a running community like no other. With experts in every field to help you get started on your running journey and ensure you get #A2Binjuryfree.
The community is full of runners just starting on their journeys, returning to running or looking for guidance with a new challenge.

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Start Running - Stay Running and The Inside Track is a running community like no other. Relatable, informative, supportive.

Linda Meek and Simon Evans formed Start Running - Stay Running during 'lockdown' after so many people took up running. However, running isn't as simple as putting on a pair of trainers and taking to the streets. If not done correctly, injuries will creep in, and running ceases - sometimes never re-started!

Co-founders Linda and Simon wanted to be able to offer one place for running newbies to find all the information and support they need to start running and keep going with minimal injury risk. They developed a membership platform called The Inside Track, a one-stop-shop for runners to converse with specialists in all areas of running, health and wellbeing and find all the information they need.

Linda Meek is a social media manager and copywriter, and Simon Evans is a level-4 personal trainer and co-owner of C&S Fitness in Somerset. To create a complete one-stop-shop running service they took on several coaches and specialists in all areas of fitness and wellbeing to be part of the team at Start Running - Stay Running and The Inside Track.

The team now consists of seven coaches; a run coach, sports nutritionist, sports therapist, two PTs covering strength & conditioning and stretch & mobility, a yoga/pilates teacher and a women's health therapist. In addition to this, monthly webinars on mindset called 'Mindset Movement' has just been added to the membership offer.

Alongside the VIP membership, there is a free Facebook Group which has members from all over the world supporting and motivating each other. Start Running - Stay Running strives to be more relatable to the new or returning runner, celebrating every run and every runner.

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Be yourself - people see through fake.
Authenticity always wins.
Give more than you take - it will pay you back at some point.

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