My Buzz

All businesses need positive PR, winning SBS firstly broadcast us to Theo's followers then took us to the SBS event where we had the opportunity to network. Now with entry on this website it helps reinforce the messgae.

My Bio

I started my Land Surveying company Sitechnics in 1989 and then in 1999 I co founded Subtechnics which is a utility mapping company, both companies are now combined under the trading name Technics Group. I now have 40 staff many of which are surveyors who are lone workers. Having people out lone working means we have a responsibility to ensure that they are ok. I therefore came up with the idea for a lone working app and developed it in association with One Result. The app can be used not only for lone workers but also for walkers, people catching cabs, hikers, mountain bikers, people on blind dates, teenagers etc etc

My Business Tips

Watch the bottom line, if you have that covered the upside will always be ok.
Network and learn from others, mistakes can be expensive.
Believe in your ideas but keep the blinkers off.

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