My Buzz

We have been entering the #SBS for a good number of months and can see the buzz that each of the winners receive. For Theo to spot something in our tweet is a great feeling. We just love what we do and have great clients. We cant wait to meet more businesses!

My Bio

My name is James Biggin and I am Managing Director of Steel City Marketing Ltd. I run the business as well as account manage many of the key UK wide clients.
I took over the running of the family business 4 years ago, having been in the sales team for 5 years previous to that. I love this company, how we work and what we do!
I am passionate about companies using branded merchandise within a marketing strategy.
Outside of work, I love spending time with my active family, Mrs B and our two cracking children.
I am a fitness fanatic and have to mix family life in with various sports I participate in.

My Business Tips

Keep marketing your business as much as you can. Generate the right mix of all the marketing elements for you, your budget and your target audience / customer base.
Maintain a good blend from: advertising, branded merchandise, events, social media. Make sure you measure the return on investment from each. Develop your strategy for each by giving more focus to the areas that show better returns.
Keep your business simple. If you try to complicate things or look at too many areas at once, you will lose focus and stumble along.
If you don't stay in touch enough with your current customers enough, don't chase new business until you have sorted this key factor out with your team, otherwise you will spread yourself too thin!
Include your team in some of the decision making. They need to feel involved.

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