My Buzz

Though my monkeys I have found a great love of motor sport and have met so many awesome people, with lots of them becoming good friends.
It all started when i was approached by a forces charity,Mission Motorsport...the monkeys helped spread the word. I now work closely with another organisation, Spinal Track, run by Nathalie and Andrew, who prove that life after a spinal injury doesn't have to change. Theres nothing better than the noise and smells at a circuit! I even met Theo at Goodwood last year.
3 of my monkeys were recently auctioned by the gorgeous Mr David Gandy, and raised over £3,000!!

My Bio

Hi I'm Steph, I live in beautiful Yorkshire, overlooking the ocean. I live with my husband, and we are approaching our 21st wedding anniversary.
Love it when people ask me what I do for a living...their faces when I reply "monkey maker" are priceless!
I'm in my 7th year of doing this full time, I love being my own boss.

My Business Tips

Never give up. No matter how hard everything seems, stick at it. Social media is a little tweet 18 months ago has led to my biggest order to date. Its also widen my reach and made my product accessible to millions.
If I'm having a bad day, I get up and leave my studio. usually for a walk on the beach, sometimes just for a coffee...then come back with a clear head. Don't give yourself a hard time. I've tried to work regular hours, but it doesn't work, its OK.

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