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Stride opens young people's minds to the world of business and enterprise.

We offer courses to children that build aspirations and develop financial capability and employability skills.

We offer businesses the chance to build relations and brand visibility with a target market of young people and / or to build a CSR profile that will make a real difference to young people's lives.

We offer enterprise education consulting and bespoke course development to charities and other organisations.

My Bio

Stride was founded by Nikki de Bruin and Elena Macia in 2014 to address the need to develop employability skills in young people.

Our courses, aimed at children between 10 and 14, give real life work experience, build transferable skills and introduce business and enterprise concepts in an age appropriate way.
We build aspirations, develop employability skills, financial capability, communication, teamwork, resilience & self belief.

Our partnership packages offer businesses the opportunity to reach out to a target market of young people and their parents. Whether the business is looking to build their brand, have contact with a focus group or build a CSR programme that makes a real difference to young people, Stride will make it happen.

We have also worked with charities such as the Mayor's Fund for London in designing and delivering bespoke workshops for young people in primary and secondary schools.

Our team of presenters all come from business backgrounds so they can bring the course content to life and share their own experiences with the pupils.

My Business Tips

Live and breathe your brand.
Keep in touch with developments in your industry - read, watch and listen.
Never stop listening to your customers and their feedback.
Never stop listening to your staff and their advice.
If things need to change, change them.
Every problem can be solved.
Watch your finances every step of the way.

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