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Men’s suit shops are renowned for only stocking a small amount of size ranges and the same plain bland and generic suits. It is near impossible to find stockists of tweed suits or suits with a difference. Most suit shops these days don’t care how you look, they just want your money and send you on your way.

An award winning independent menswear retailer who offers a broad size range of suits; from age 1 up to a 52” chest and king sizes in a selection of suits. One on one styling offered within a unique gentleman’s “1920s feel” shop and a fantastic shopping experience all at an affordable price. You will leave Suave Owl looking and feeling your best.

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Im an Ex Army Veteran left in 2009 and landed in a sales role in a corporate business selling elevators after 5 years of this I was head hunted by a subcontractor who asked me to run his business selling roping services to the lift industry managing 9 teams of engineers. After 3 years of this I decided I was fed up of making other people money and wanted to give it a go for myself. Just before this decision I was looking for my wedding suit and as a bigger man finding clothes to fit has always been an issue and after searching most of the south west for a suit with a difference and finding nothing to suit, (pun intended) i had a lightbulb moment so I had a chat with the now Wife who was a nurse at the time decided to dive head first into setting up our own company and after 4 months of searching for suppliers and 10k on a credit card here we are 2.5 years later and learning everyday trying to expand our business and create an empire.

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Always Take a Risk you will never know if you don't

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