My Buzz

Sat in my fathers victorian mahogany chair. I'm inspired by the foxes, badgers, birds and friendly squirrels that frequent the garden while I scribble away at new ideas in my studio.

Everything is handmade by little old me. I sketch my ideas onto quality watercolour paper, using my favourite fine liner to outline my design once I'm happy with it. I then use the best quality watercolour paints, adding last minute details, such as grass, flowers and shrubbery to bring my little scenes to life.

I source the best quality materials to print my watercolour designs onto. Each item is packaged with love and care, ready for gift giving (or keeping for a special treat). I love to buy handmade and will work with other handmade artists to make new ideas come to life.
My tableware is created using a process called sublimation. The designs are scanned, printed and placed into the machine to glaze using high temperatures, making the finished product dishwasher proof and long lasting.

My Bio

My passion is watercolours. For as long as I can remember I've used art to express my ideas, inspired by the world around me. I work in my brick and wood built studio at the bottom of the garden, newly extended with wooden flooring and freshly painted walls. My little hideaway is full of all the wonderful, quirky and colourful pieces of handcrafted art I love to collect.
I sit at my old oak drawing desk, a 1950s school desk

My Business Tips

Always be friendly and a polite thank you goes a long way.
And the important one I live by, never give up on your dreams.

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