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Beautiful, original, contemporary knitwear for real women of all ages, shapes and sizes who want to look and feel amazing. Finely crafted and lovingly handmade.

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Susan Holton is a designer-knitter who creates beautiful contemporary knitwear and accessories which are designed to be totally wearable; and to fit and flatter women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

She believes that clothes should be beautiful to look at and lovely (and easy) to wear. Her knitwear is crafted with meticulous attention to design detail and quality of finish, so garments fit and fabrics drape beautifully.

Everything is created on a domestic knitting machine (comparable to a weaver’s loom - sometimes called a 'knitting loom') using top quality silk, linen, cotton and viscose yarns.

Sue explores stitch, yarn and fibre by knitting experimental knitted and dyed samples to create the colour, texture and drape she's looking for. More than 30 years of experience in soft tailoring and bespoke garment creation helps her to create beautiful and wearable garments.

She is self-taught both as a knitter and dyer. She began knitting for pleasure more than 35 years ago, originally as a hand knitter, but when she discovered the incredible creative potential in domestic knitting machines she was hooked. Her original career was as a corporate graphic designer; but since 2000, designing, creating and selling her knitwear has been her full-time business.

Her knitwear is individually knitted and hand finished, with great care and attention to detail. Nothing is mass-produced. Everything is made in Britain.

Customers can buy in person at Sue's home-studio, at her events, through the SBS Shop (shortly), and from her web site.

My Business Tips

Be efficient, be helpful, be friendly and user-friendly. And create a product which is appealing, distinctive and original!

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